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 Welcome PTA Reflections Chairs, PTA officers and school staffs!

Thank you for making it possible for your students to participate in this awesome program! 💓 It is never too early or too late to start! PTA Reflections continues to make positive impact on students' lives by giving them the platform to express their talent and creativity. For some students, this experience may even be life-changing!

Steps to run the program at your school:

1.) Register your school’s PTA Reflections participation on PTA.ORG/REFLECTIONS by February 1st, 2021. Make sure your PTA is in good standing.

2.) Decide on a deadline for your school, probably 2 weeks before the January 31st, 2021 state due date. Promote PTA Reflections by hanging up posters around school, sending information home (see example) with the students, or including a blurb in the school or PTA newsletters/ websites/ social media… etc. You can also ask your school to mention it during morning announcement, and ask teachers to incorporate the theme “I Matter Because...” in writing and art assignments.


3.) Make a few copies of the Student Packet (which is How to Enter + Official Rules + Student Entry Form),  and hang them next to the posters, or leave them with the school office for distribution. Upload them to your PTA’s website so you can refer all students/families/teachers to it.

4.) Collect entries from students. Make sure each has followed the official rules and is accompanied by a fully completed and signed Student Entry Form. NEW starting 2020: You can submit all entries from your school to North Dakota PTA via the Student Entry Portal. Yes! Even entries in the Visual Art category (2D or 3D) can be submitted electronically, by taking 3 good photos of each entry and submit the photos digitally. This is to streamline with how the National PTA accepts and judges entries advanced from each state. After receiving a personal email or text that confirms your entries are submitted, you can return all physical entries back to the students, with the exceptions of entries in the Visual Art category. Keep them until at least March 1st, 2021, when North Dakota PTA will announce the state winners. All 1st place state winners from each art category/age division will be advanced to the national round, and if any of them wins 1st place again in the national level (announced by May 1st, 2021), we will need to collect the physical entry from you so to submit to the National PTA for exhibition purposes. You might want to make a copy or take a photo of each entry and student entry form, in case they're needed in the future. 


5.) If you have to submit entries the old fashion way, we will gladly accept! For photography and Visual Art entries, we suggest protecting them with boxes, shrink wrap, and/or cellophane. Make sure each is accompanied by a signed and fully completed Student Entry Form, and mail to North Dakota PTA (new address is

PO Box 943, Fargo, ND 58107and make sure we receive it by January 31st, 2021. If you're in the Fargo, ND area you can contact the North Dakota PTA Reflections Chair to arrange for pick up.

What if no one is chairing PTA Reflections at your school?


If your PTA doesn't have anyone to run Reflections and you still want to give the students a chance to participate... We Can Help! Just post this flyer at your school and/or share it on your school PTA's social media, and it should direct them to the North Dakota PTA Reflections web page. Feel free to direct all questions to the email on the bottom of this page. We will take care of it for you ... this time. 😉

Need more detailed rules on each category?

Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts. 👈Click each for rules!

What if I have receive way too many entries? How many can I submit?

Wow! What a nice problem to have! If your school receive more entries than specified by North Dakota PTA, you might need to recruit creative professionals (i.e. a dance instructor, an art teacher) to conduct initial judging, so to keep the number of entries within range:

Number of Entries Each Local PTA Can Advance to NDPTA 

Enrollment at School                  # of Entries per Category/per Grade Division

1-200                                                                        10

201-400                                                                     13

401-Up                                                                      16


For example, if your school has 300 students, you can submit up to 13 dance entries from Primary division, another 13 dance entries from Intermediate division. Plus 13 film entries from Primary, and 13 film entries from intermediate… and so on.

Resources for Local Leaders

Promo Materials

State and National Awards

Students will have the opportunities to move up through their school to compete at the state level and the national level. 

The first-place winner from each grade division/art category at the state level (announced around March 1st each year) will be advance to the national Level. Winners at the national level are announced in early May each year and will be celebrated in June at the National PTA Convention & Expo.


🎈🎉 The 2020 North Dakota PTA Reflections Celebration Party will be held at... (POSTPONED, will be rescheduled following CDC guidelines). All students who's entries are advanced to the state-level will be honored. (In the past few years, it has been all students who participated at the school level, due to lower number of participations). Families/guardians of these students are also invited. Light refreshment will be served. This party is also open to all PTA Reflections Chairs, PTA officers from all PTA schools in North Dakota, regardless of participation, and open to school staff and individuals that helped to run this program.

👏 Thanks again for all your hard work! 👏


If you have any questions or suggestions, or need help customizing the forms

email ShanshanSateren@gmail.com with subject "PTA Reflections", or text/call 7014298742 

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